Plans to Fit
the Way You Work

The Mission

Spark growth and empower the local economy by flipping the market share from non-local business to local independently owned businesses. This is not a nine to five gig, it’s a way of life. Being a RAD Local means you are accepting responsibility for the wonderful place you call home.

Find your circle

When you join a tight-nit local network like this you will not only be maximizing the potential reach of your business, but entering a circle of like minded businesses and individuals.

Member Amenities

High speed wifi
Access to any common area
Collaborative work environment
Free coffee, tea, water
Print Station
Meeting Room with Whiteboard
Preferred pricing with Sign Dept.
Social and professional events

Day Passes

Full Day $25.
Half Day $15
Message us for availability!


$ 40

Per Month
  • 3 Days per Month
  • Shared Desks
  • Monday – Friday
  • 9am – 5pm
  • Rad Locals Member
  • Access RAD Workshop
  • Access RAD Sessions
  • 1hr – Meeting Hub
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EXTENDEDPart-Time Coworking

$ 90

Per Month
  • 10 Days per Month
  • Shared Desks
  • Monday – Friday
  • 9am-5pm
  • RAD Locals Member
  • Access RAD Workshop
  • Access to RAD Sessions
  • 2hrs – Meeting Hub
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CONNECTEDFull-Time Coworking

$ 150

Per Month
  • Full-time Coworking
  • Shared Desks
  • Monday – Friday
  • 9am-5pm
  • Rad Locals Member
  • Access Rad Workshop
  • Access Rad Sessions
  • 4hrs in Meeting Hub
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DEDICATEDComplete Coworking

$ 200

Per Month
  • Full-time Coworking
  • Dedicated Desk
  • Monday-Sunday
  • Extended Hours
  • Rad Locals Member
  • Access RAD Workshop
  • Access RAD Sessions
  • 8hr – Meeting Hub
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Why Join?

We are a values-driven coworking space for like-minded people in all fields. In the words of  the founder, it is a culture, a tribe, an attitude, and a place. RAD Locals is the collective network of the space rising up for the creators, makers, doers, dreamers, believers, and achievers.

Why Downtown Auburn?

Whether your talking about the new developments downtown or the local craft beer; big things are happening. Downtown Auburn is increasingly becoming a destination, a place where people naturally want to be. Its a unique place where you can take a walk in an inspiring environment while you clear your head or percolate your ideas. It’s a place where there is no shortage of options for grabbing some lunch or grabbing a drink with a friend, coworker or client.  Its all here, you should be too.

Am I locked into a contract?

We don’t lock you into anything. All memberships are month-to-month, no contracts.

What hours are the doors open?

Doors are open from 9:00am-5:00pm Monday through Friday. Dedicated desks and private offices have extended hours access using secure key fob system – thats right 24/7

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards. We use Stripe to process all payments through our simple, easy to use member portal.

Do I need to wait to the 1st of month to join?

No, you can pick the day you want to start your membership – the remainder of the month is prorated. No need to wait, come on in.

Is it a problem if I talk on the phone a lot?

No, we trust you will operate with mutual respect. If you’re conversation turns private, you are able to take it outside to the hall bench! However, if you are on your phone all day non-stop, RAD Cowork may not be a good match.

Do you allow kids?

Kids are not conducive to our work environment so we do refrain bringing them to work. Although they are our future so we don’t mind them walking through to say hi.

Can I check the place out?

Absolutely, it’s easy. All you need to do is book a tour.

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